The Horse Traders are a Weybridge, Vermont based band who cover a wide range of music from modern pop and oldies to classic rock, soul and country.

Our songs come from a broad catalog that includes artists like the Pretenders, Tom Petty, Adele, Johnny Cash, Cee Lo Green, the Rolling Stones, Pink, Blondie, Neil Young, REM and many many more. We even throw in an occasional original tune here and there. Needless to say, we cover quite a bit of ground.

In addition to playing at local clubs in western Vermont we also bring our music to weddings and private parties.

The Horse Traders are:
debDeb Brisson (vocals, sometimes bass, keyboards and percussion)

ricklh2Rick Marshall (guitar, sometimes bass, harmonica and mandolin)

jonJon Rooney (vocals and guitar)

petePete Ryan (bass, sometimes banjo, 12-string guitar and vocals)

johnJohn Wallace (drums)